Creative Philosophy

We are convinced that successful creative programs – programs that achieve measurable results – always begin with marketing solutions not creative solutions. This is not is not to be read as an endorsement for the tired “creative-by-formula” approach. In fact, bending some long-standing rules has resulted in some of our best work. The point simply is that providing solutions to satisfy clients’ needs is always our top priority and effective creative can take many forms. But even in those within those instances, we follow certain process disciplines.

  • Know the industry. Know the markets. Know the audiences.

  • Uncover what they really want. Give it to them by way of the right product, the right selling approach, the right value.

  • Work hard to find that one piece of information that will push all the right buttons.

  • Develop positioning.

  • Bring on the problem solvers -- the Creatives who have built brands.

  • Create the message and communicate it in a creative, persuasive and memorable way.

  • Test -- Refine -- Launch -- Refine some more. Adjust, as needed.

  • Always abide by the proven axiom -- It is not creative unless it sells!