Marketing Philosophy

Energized by emergent technologies, today’s consumers and b-to-b buyers are enjoying more control over what they buy, where they buy, when they buy and even how much they are willing to spend. But it is not all one–sided. Despite the challenges, opportunities abound for companies who are willing to rethink certain aspects of their marketing philosophies and strategies.

However, even with greater emphasis being placed on themes like relationship marketing and customer value models, certain basics like market segmentation and targeting are still very much intact and in many ways more important than ever:

  • Clearly Identify all markets and audiences of interest
  • Creatively Communicate benefits as they relate to these targets
  • Effectively Launch programs reach, persuade and sell
  • Incrementally Evaluate results; tweak to maximize ROI

With more power in the hands of buyers, the more we know, the more we can successfully appeal to their needs and wants, drawing on all communications tools – media, direct marketing, publicity, sales promotion and advertising.